Saturday, 13 May 2017

Piano Tutorials : The Hanging Tree

Hey guys!

So I was thinking about this blog, and since its supposed to be a lifestyle blog, I feel like I need more varied content. I already cover song lyrics, book reviews, random top 10s, fashion, hair and all that, but one of the other main things that I love to do is play piano.

Does anyone else ever get really annoyed by this? Often I really want to learn a new song or piece to play, but i've already tried to work it out myself and its just not right, and i've been searching on the internet for hours trying. to find the right notes! Well I want to stop this for other people - if this happens to you I will try my best to find the notes for you and put them on my blog! Please comment or contact me if you have a request.

So in the meantime, I will post the songs I already know in case you just want a song, any song, but you don't know what! I'll start off with The Hanging Tree (from The Hunger Games - I am OBSESSED with that series right now!!) but I'll probably post lots today...

The chords will be above the lyrics, and the melody below.

       A           D+      A                    E
Are you, are you, coming to the tree
G    A     C+ D+    A    A    A G   E

   A               D+     A
I strung up a man, say he murdered three
G  A      A  C+ D+ A    A A     G         A

E+                            D+                         A                         E
Strange things have happened here, no stranger would it be
E+         D+     C+    D+   C+   A       G   A   A       A      G  E

          A        D+          A
If we met at midnight in the hanging tree
G  G  A    C   D G       A   A A   G      A

The other verses are the same but the melody goes

Lyrics for other verses:

Are you, are you coming to the tree
Where dead man called out for his love to flee...

Are you are you coming to the tree
Where I told you to run so we'd both be free...

Are you, are you coming to the tree
Wear a necklace of hope side by side with me...

I hope that you found that useful, please tell me if there's any other song that you would like!

Question of the Day: What musical instruments do you play? Answer in the comments below!

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Thursday, 27 April 2017

How To Fall Asleep Faster

Heya guys x

If you're anything like me then it's a real pain trying to fall asleep - im always tired but as sonn as i get into bed my mind is taken up by random thoughts and it takes hours for me to rest! I have to wake up at 6 am to get to school on time, and most nights i dont get home from dance until about 9 and still  need my dinner afterwards. This makes it really hard to get enough rest, especially with practice and homework to fit in as well! So here's some tips to make the most of your time in bed and to maximise your sleeping time...

1. Stretch
Scientists have proven that stretching helps you fall asleep faster as your body can find a comfortable position quicker and easier. I find it also helps with dancing; if you get into a daily routine of stretching morning and night it will improve your flexibility so much, so fast!

2.  Drink loads of water
To be honest, I don't really know how or why this helps, but it does! It will leave your body feeling refreshed and happy in the morning, keep your skin clear, and your brain wont have to work as hard at night.

3. Make lists and timetables
If the reason for you not falling asleep is because you worry, then this will really help you! Maybe you have exams coming up, or way to much homework? Make a timetable for your week! Ive done this - colour code times for sleeping, eating, school/work, any clubs or hobbies that you have weekly seesions for, then add in periods for revision or practice. They dont need to be particularly long: make sure you leave some time to relax! Maybe you worry about general life problems. Before you go to bed, make a list of all the things that are worrying you, and whenever you have spare time, write next to them solutions and how to cope with it. This way at night you know that you can sort it out when you have more energy, have a better focus and are more organised with it!

4. Turn Off Your Phone
Leave your phone downstairs before you go to bed! The bright screen, even if you dim it, keeps your mind alert and awake. Its used to getting instant responses from the device, so it will take longer for it to settle down and fall asleep!

I really hope this helped you, im pretty sure that thrre are more but I cant think of them rihht now and I really want to post this as im super behind!

Question of the day: how many hours of sleep do you normally get a night? Answer in the comments below!

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Creating Characters - Guest Post By IndigoSky

Heya guys! Sorry again for being inactive lately I just had a complete writers block and couldn't think of any post ideas. Today's post is actually a guest post by IndigoSky (link at the bottom) about how to develop story characters. This is really useful if writing stories is your thing, as it's easy to make them typical, boring personalities with nothing to make them stand out. So here we go!

Hey guys, it’s IndigoSky here. Thanks to Apple Tree for letting me do a guest post on her blog! Anyway, let’s get on with this post.
I love reading and creative writing, and I know that one of the hardest parts of writing a story is coming up with good, realistic, believable characters. So I’ve put together a list of rules to follow when coming up with characters:
Rule 1: People aren’t perfect.
It can be very tempting to make your characters have only positive characteristics and no negative side, especially if you’re writing a romance story, or something to do with superheroes. Don’t. It’s not realistic. Everyone has negative aspects; it’s what makes us human. And let’s face it – who likes a goody two-shoes who only does good things? Give your characters a dark side – it makes them a heck of a lot more interesting, and convincing too.
Rule 2: People don’t behave in ways and do things for no reason.
Bad guys don’t just wake up one morning and think, “hey, I’m going to be a bad guy.” There’s always a reason behind their behaviour. Perhaps something happened to them in the past that made them turn over to the dark side. Your past influences what you do in the present – for example, someone who is very kind to people might behave that way because she knows how harsh life can be, or that grumpy old guy who hates children only acts that way because his daughter died when she was young, and he’s been hurting ever since. Coming up with characters’ backstories gives them a more complex personality, and, again, makes them more interesting. 
Rule 3: People evolve.
Life changes you. Your views on life change constantly. Say your main character is a sweet, innocent schoolgirl who believes that everyone is good deep down, who becomes a witness in a murder, and gets kidnapped and almost killed, and ends up watching her best friend die – by the end of the story she will be a very different person to who she was at the beginning. She will have realised that life is no fairytale and bad things happen; her views on life will have changed drastically. If they haven’t, it wouldn’t be believable at all. However…
Rule 4: People don’t have sudden personality changes.
I know this sounds like I’m contradicting myself after the previous point, but there’s a difference between “evolving” and “changing”. Have you ever read a book where one of the characters is really mean, and then suddenly becomes a good person (or vice versa)? I’m thinking of Hans from Frozen, here, actually: one minute he’s all kind and caring and the next he’s evil? What’s that about? It drives me MAD when that happens! I mean, I get that someone might be faking their personality, and pretending to be nice when they’re really not nice at all, but you have to make sure it makes sense, and it’s reasonable. If one of your characters IS going to change personality, foreshadow it in some way: make your main character (and your reader) be at least slightly suspicious of him, so when he turns out to be a big fat phony, it make sense in a way. 

And now for the fifth and most important of all…

Rule 5: Really KNOW your characters.
The best way to create a strong, believable character is to really be inside your character’s head. Know what their personality’s like, know what makes them tick, know them better than you know yourself. Know what they look like, what they sound like, know what weird mannerisms they have. Know their pasts. Know their futures. Know exactly how they’d respond to any situation. Know every single stupid little detail about them. Even if you don’t put something in the actual story, YOU know it, and it’ll help you know your characters better. 

Well, that’s it from me. Hope this helps someone! 
If you want to read more from me check out my blog at

Stay awesome!


So I hoped you enjoyed that post! If you want to write a guest post in my blog, please comment on any of my posts.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Confidence: How To Boost Your Self Esteem

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Sorry I have been so inactive recently I've just had a lot going on.

Today's post is about self confidence. This is crucial in life as no self esteem=unhappy life. Especially going through 'the teen phase' can be super hard, with all the pressure from school, media and pretty much everything else. I'm trying to help you make the most of your life, and to feel confident within yourself and your body.

Know Your Strengths
This is the first step to building self esteem, because you have to be able to accept your talents and the fact that you are amazing. There is a difference between being vain and knowing that your talented, so don't be afraid to show off a bit! No one likes someone who is always putting themselves down, so lighten up a bit, take compliments and shine through your skills.

Improve Yourself
If you see something that you don't like about yourself, work on it and change it to make it better. For example if you don't like your hair, then dye it, cut it, wash it better, find ways to look after it better. There will always be something that you're not completely happy about whether it's your personality or looks, and it will make you feel so much better about yourself when you can see it paying off. There's no use in sitting around waiting for it to magically change, so get up and do something about it!

Don't Change For Others
There may be other people or media pressuring you to look a certain way, but if it makes you happy then stick with it. You may worry about what other people think of you, but who really cares? If they don't like you then that's their problem, not yours. Especially if you feel like you have to change yourself for people to like you more, that just shows how they aren't a real friend if they can't accept you.

Stay Positive
Always look on the bright side of life! Something good can come from any situation and if you can fine it then it will make you a lot happier too. In this way you can help other people to be more confident too!

Have A Good Posture
If you walk around with a slumped back and looking at the floor, you will give yourself and other people the impression that you don't want to be around people, you are bored or tired, etc. But if you have your head held high, standing up tall and smiling, then others will see you as confident and that you know what your doing. This will also help you, because even if you are feeling really shy and self conscious on the inside, at least you can act the opposite on the out.

That's all for now, but I will probably update again soon.

Question of the day - are you confident or shy? Answer in the comments below!

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