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Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

It was my birthday not very long ago, and I got 2 Blott rulers from my friends. We have a huge Blott craze at the moment, and everything has to be Blott!!! We use anything, rubbers, pencil cases, rulers, pens, folders, everything!!! I always look for epic sales, and there is always something good to buy! I can never leave Blott without a purchase, and I never regret my decisions. All of their products come in a variety ofluminouscolours, and I am always happy to add to my christmas list, if I don't have enough money to spend on the day. 

That's all for now.

Book review – Ruby Redfort, Look Into My Eyes

I got this book to add to my mammoth collection of Lauren Child things, along with the next two books, Take Your Last Breath and Catch Your Death. They’re all about a girl who works as a secret agent for a secret agency called Spectrum. Together with her pal, Clancy, she has to stop the evil Count van Viscount from carrying out his wicked plans. I'ts actually the same girl as in Clarice Bean, becasuse Lauren Child had loads of messages from readers asking for the Ruby Redfort seiries. I love these books because I think the codes and plots are very clever. This book is good for people who love detective stories and are about age 8 – 14. It’s not what I’d call girly, but more for girls than boys. There is also a new book coming out in September, called feel the fear, I can’t wait to get it!!!

Rating:4/5 stars

Book review – Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

I was desperate to read this book, after I watched the whole set of Harry Potter DVDs in the last October holiday, having borrowed them off someone I know. My mum’s friend gave me the 1st 3 for Christmas, though, and I was bursting to read it so much, I finished it in a few days. One of my favourite parts were when Harry, Ron and Hermione go to the stone, defeating magical objects along the way, and combining their strengths to reach the stone. I really enjoyed it because it’s not as scary as I thought it would be, but still extremely exciting. I’d recommend it for anyone over age 7, even adults, because I don’t think any one who’s 6 or under will understand the plot of the story. It’s perfect for boys or girls, it doesn’t matter who reads it. This book was the start of my massive obsession of Harry Potter; I just can’t put them down!!!

5/5 stars