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I'm Now Loving: Roll Neck Batwing Jumpers!

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Ok, it's a bit of a handful to say, (Challenge: try saying roll neck batwing jumpers 10 times as fast as you can!) but seriously they look AMAZING. Mine's grey (Isn't that the best colour for a jumper? It goes with everything...) and I wear it almost EVERYWHERE! As well as looking so stylish and now, they are so cosily gorgeous and warm. Mine is from GAP and with the intricate knitted pattern it just fully completes any Autumn outfit.

Can I just now say, I'm not going to be doing Fashion of the Week anymore because as you can see I've not done very well at keeping up with the monthly thing! Instead I'm going to do I'm Now Loving every so often without promising my readers that I will post every month.
That's all for now. Bye!

Seasonal: Christmas Traditions - New and Old

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Do your family have any Christmasy traditions that you always do every year?

Mine have loads. One of them, my favourite, I am going to tell you about today. Basically, instead of a normal advent calendar, we have parcels with the date on, all mixed up in a chest. Every day of advent, we (me and my little brother, and sister now,) have to find the right parcel and open it. Inside will be a note, along with some sort of object. This object might be, hmm, in fact I'll give you an example. Maybe for the 1st, we might have a note saying watch a dvd with popcorn and it might include a dvd and popcorn. Actually that's not a great example. Or if the note said go and buy a Christmas tree it might include a bauble. That's better. But basically this gives a great build up to Christmas, like getting a present or activity everyday instead of the same small chocolate or sweet. You really should try it, we've been doing it for about 5/6 years now…

Help With Change: School

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Today I want to tell you about a mega change in my life right now. I'm 11, therefore moving up to year 7 after the summer. I'm really nervous, as i'm not with many of my friends. Do you guys have any advice for me, or any of my viewers in the same situation? If so, please comment below. Thanks!

Spelling Tips

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Today I'm going to help those guys at school who simply just can't get the hang of spelling. I've got some really easy tricks for really hard words, and I'll keep updating this page when I think of more!

1. necessary
is a hard word and it comes up a lot. This rhyme my mum taught me in y2 and it's helped me out loads!!!


The Naughty Spoon Stealer

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Today I'm gonna show you a story I wrote when I was younger.Its short but cute, but when I'm older I want to be an author in my spare time so It'll be nice to see what you think!

The Naughty Spoon Stealer The sun shone down on Summer Valley like a glittering diamond in the sky. It was a beautiful day, there was no sign of rain, or hail, or snow. As she woke up, 10-year-old Lulu Blaze was wondering just how long this wonderful weather would last, before it started pelting with rain again. “I wish this would last forever,” she sighed, pulling back the curtains. Just then her lazy, 8 year old sister Lily, groaned and slowly sat up. “Is it time for breakfast yet?” she asked greedily. As an answer to her question, a voice sounded from below; “Come down for breakfast, girls!” Mrs. Blaze called. The two sisters sprinted down the stairs as fast as lightning to the kitchen. Leaving Lulu to do all of the work, Lily panted over to the table. At that…

Fashion of the month - January

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Scarves are an 'epic' thing to brighten up a dull top with floral patterns, or delicate designs. Scarves look so pretty, and are a great wake-up call to spring and summer fashion. I know it's only January, but it's a great thing to be thinking about getting for a few months time! Also for winter, thick, woollen scarves with matching mittens and earmuffs are amazingly cosy, and never go out of style.

Book Review - Feel The Fear

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Feel the Fear by Lauren Child is another book in the Ruby Redfort series that i've mentioned before. In this incredible tale, Ruby is facing a more ghostly adventure with Spectrum, (a secret spy organisation Ruby works for), involving unexpected burglaries, and loyalty card codes.

In the first book of the series, one of Ruby's colleagues murders Valerie 'nine lives' Capaldi, right? It can't be possible for her to be alive, right? Although there is some very impossible happenings going on, in very high up places. Will Ruby face her fears and confront the enemy, or fail to prevent a thrilling finale? I'm so excited, the next book in the series is coming out soon and I can't wait to get it!

Rating: 5/5 stars

That's all for now,

Book Review - Anne Of Green Gables

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Anne Of Green Gables by L . M . Montgomery is a classic book about an orphan named Anne (spelt with an 'e' of course), who is adopted by Mathew and Marilla Cuthbert, although doesn't make a very good first impression as Marilla wanted a boy, to help her brother on the farm. On the contrary, a mistake occurred, meaning Anne was chosen instead. Her fate was not helped by her rather talkative nature, and ability to turn even the simplest things into a disaster.

However, once she'd settled in a bit, Anne finds that she is very popular with the other students in her class and makes a lot of friends. Follow her story as she grows up in her world of imagination, religion, education and friendships in and out of lessons, until she faces the hardest exams of all. Will she pass, and win the highest honour, or fail and give up?

Rating: 4/5 stars

Book Review - Girl Online

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (more commonly known as Zoella) is a brilliant book for teenagers , about a girl called Penny Porter, who is easily embarrassed by practically anything. She writes a blog, under the name Girl Online, that's just about the only place she feels herself.

Given a one in a lifetime opportunity of a 2-week holiday to New York, Penny is delighted, but also apprehensive. Once, when she was littler, she was travelling in her car, when it suddenly flipped over! Everyone inside the car was OK, but the incident caused Penny to have sort of panic attacks whenever she felt like she did in the car that day. She was nervous - what if she had an attack on the plane? - but she went and was fine. In fact, she was more than fine, as she meets the most gorgeous boy ever, in the area she's staying in! But will the friendship last, or could something go horribly wrong?

Now her new book, Girl Online: On Tour is out and is amazing!

Rating: 5…

Book Review - The Running Boy

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

The Running Boy is a book by Joel Toombs about a boy named Howie who fights as a soldier in WW1. The story shows how he finds love, and faces the terrors of the wars, being made to do things he really doesn't want to do. The story starts in Whitby, where Howie and his two friends Polly and Freddy watch their home town being bombed, before making up their minds to join the army. However, not everything goes to plan, and Howie is separated from his friends, and faces war alone, although he is two years under age. Will Howie face his fears alone, or set off back home to his family? Now available on amazon, or It is also available on kindle, at The kindle edition costs £3.60, and a paperback copy is £10.

Rating: 5/5 stars

That's all for now,