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Spelling Tips

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Today I'm going to help those guys at school who simply just can't get the hang of spelling. I've got some really easy tricks for really hard words, and I'll keep updating this page when I think of more!

1. necessary
is a hard word and it comes up a lot. This rhyme my mum taught me in y2 and it's helped me out loads!!!


The Naughty Spoon Stealer

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Today I'm gonna show you a story I wrote when I was younger.Its short but cute, but when I'm older I want to be an author in my spare time so It'll be nice to see what you think!

The Naughty Spoon Stealer The sun shone down on Summer Valley like a glittering diamond in the sky. It was a beautiful day, there was no sign of rain, or hail, or snow. As she woke up, 10-year-old Lulu Blaze was wondering just how long this wonderful weather would last, before it started pelting with rain again. “I wish this would last forever,” she sighed, pulling back the curtains. Just then her lazy, 8 year old sister Lily, groaned and slowly sat up. “Is it time for breakfast yet?” she asked greedily. As an answer to her question, a voice sounded from below; “Come down for breakfast, girls!” Mrs. Blaze called. The two sisters sprinted down the stairs as fast as lightning to the kitchen. Leaving Lulu to do all of the work, Lily panted over to the table. At that…