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I'm Now Loving: Roll Neck Batwing Jumpers!

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Ok, it's a bit of a handful to say, (Challenge: try saying roll neck batwing jumpers 10 times as fast as you can!) but seriously they look AMAZING. Mine's grey (Isn't that the best colour for a jumper? It goes with everything...) and I wear it almost EVERYWHERE! As well as looking so stylish and now, they are so cosily gorgeous and warm. Mine is from GAP and with the intricate knitted pattern it just fully completes any Autumn outfit.

Can I just now say, I'm not going to be doing Fashion of the Week anymore because as you can see I've not done very well at keeping up with the monthly thing! Instead I'm going to do I'm Now Loving every so often without promising my readers that I will post every month.
That's all for now. Bye!

Seasonal: Christmas Traditions - New and Old

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Do your family have any Christmasy traditions that you always do every year?

Mine have loads. One of them, my favourite, I am going to tell you about today. Basically, instead of a normal advent calendar, we have parcels with the date on, all mixed up in a chest. Every day of advent, we (me and my little brother, and sister now,) have to find the right parcel and open it. Inside will be a note, along with some sort of object. This object might be, hmm, in fact I'll give you an example. Maybe for the 1st, we might have a note saying watch a dvd with popcorn and it might include a dvd and popcorn. Actually that's not a great example. Or if the note said go and buy a Christmas tree it might include a bauble. That's better. But basically this gives a great build up to Christmas, like getting a present or activity everyday instead of the same small chocolate or sweet. You really should try it, we've been doing it for about 5/6 years now…