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I'm Now Loving - Front Tie Tees

Hiya again x

At the moment I am so obsessed with Front Tie T-shirts, I think they are so cool and stylish, and feel amazing. I have two (neither of which can I find a picture of 😢). One is from Zara, it is green at the top going down ombre to red with teardrop shapes on like a watermelon 🍉. The other is grey and says 99% unicorn 🐎✨. They are amazing, I absolutely LIVE in them like all the time and they suit my style so much. Also while I am doing a fashion blog I need to just point out something else I live in - my burgundy Jack Wills hoodie - expensive but AMAZING!!! I actually cannot remember a non-school day which I have not worn this hoodie it is so warm and comfy and relaxing and soft... Could not NOT point that out😆

So that is the end of todays blog, see you soon and have a great half term may I just point out😆😆😆😆😁😁😊😊😃😃😊 😊 😊 😊


My Top 10 Dance Music Playlist

Hey guys x
I thought I would do something a bit different today, which I haven't done before... I'm going to do a 'Top 10'. And that is in quotation marks because that is now a ' thing'. If this goes well. So I'm basically going to tell you my top 10 of the given subject, and you will go and see if you like it! Please comment for me to see if it worked... 😊 So this is my top 10 of music easy to make a dance routine to, I hope you like! A lot of these are very emotional and I think that is really important when you dance, to get across the feeling and the mood of the routine as soon as possible. This is for all dance lovers like me who choreograph their own routines at home and cannot find any more songs they haven't already choreographed too (I really need one of these ;D) 💖❤

10. 'We're all in this together' by High School Musical - just had to put this in, its a great and uplifting song, for a performance its good as a last song. This sho…