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A Quick Note...

Heya again.

I just wanted to say a quick note... I love it when I see that you guys are viewing my blog. It makes me happy to know that people are actually reading it and seeing my posts. It would make me even happier if you could please please please follow and comment, I am trying my hardest to make it easy for you to do that. It really makes my day to see that I have interaction with my viewers and I would love it so so so much if you could comment, follow and share. Thankyou!

Lots of love, Young and Enquiring x

The Top 10 Best Songs For Lyric Pranks

Hiyya guys x

Have any of you done a lyric prank? I'm obsessed with them! I've probably done a lyric prank to all of my contacts by now. The thing with lyric pranks is that you have to get a good song which has realistic lyrics that sound vaguely like normal conversation. So here's some songs that I've used and work so, so well and I've also put who they would be most suitable for.

1. Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes - anyone with a boyfriend/girlfriend)
2. Oath - Cher Loyd - friend (preferably if their going through a bad time)
3. Never gonna give you up - Rick Astley - boyfriend/girlfriend
4. Wings - Little Mix - friend/enemy
5. Don't Stop Me Now - Queen - friend
6. Into You - Ariana Grande - crush
7. I hate you I love you - Gnash - crush/boyfriend/girlfriend
8. See you again - Whiz Kalfa - a friend you haven't seen that day
9. Sorry - Justin Bieber - mum
10. Confident- Demi Lovato - bully

So there is my top 10 list of good songs to prank people with! Be re…

New Year Resolutions

Hiya guys, and happy 2017!!

It's finally 2017! Whoop whoop! I know everyone is saying how bad 2016 was,, with all those celebrities dying, and brexit and all that... but actually for me it was a pretty good year! I got my first boyfriend (and my first ex but that's a different story), started y8, got my braces, done lots of dance exams, and grew a lot personally and physically. Thinking back to this time last year, I can't believe how much I have changed!

Do you make New Years resolutions? I do. Most people only make three, but, being me, I have to go that extra step. Last year I did 18, but this year I did 27. Yes. 27. It's probably because there's so much in my life that I want to change... I won't bore you with all of them but here's my 5 most important ones...

•have more self confidence
•try and make my friend Christian
•get my forward walkover
•get over £20 in my bank (that doesn't sound like much but I spendk faster than Taylor Swift breaks up wit…