How To Fall Asleep Faster

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If you're anything like me then it's a real pain trying to fall asleep - im always tired but as sonn as i get into bed my mind is taken up by random thoughts and it takes hours for me to rest! I have to wake up at 6 am to get to school on time, and most nights i dont get home from dance until about 9 and still  need my dinner afterwards. This makes it really hard to get enough rest, especially with practice and homework to fit in as well! So here's some tips to make the most of your time in bed and to maximise your sleeping time...

1. Stretch
Scientists have proven that stretching helps you fall asleep faster as your body can find a comfortable position quicker and easier. I find it also helps with dancing; if you get into a daily routine of stretching morning and night it will improve your flexibility so much, so fast!

2.  Drink loads of water
To be honest, I don't really know how or why this helps, but it does! It will leave your body feeling refreshed and happy in the morning, keep your skin clear, and your brain wont have to work as hard at night.

3. Make lists and timetables
If the reason for you not falling asleep is because you worry, then this will really help you! Maybe you have exams coming up, or way to much homework? Make a timetable for your week! Ive done this - colour code times for sleeping, eating, school/work, any clubs or hobbies that you have weekly seesions for, then add in periods for revision or practice. They dont need to be particularly long: make sure you leave some time to relax! Maybe you worry about general life problems. Before you go to bed, make a list of all the things that are worrying you, and whenever you have spare time, write next to them solutions and how to cope with it. This way at night you know that you can sort it out when you have more energy, have a better focus and are more organised with it!

4. Turn Off Your Phone
Leave your phone downstairs before you go to bed! The bright screen, even if you dim it, keeps your mind alert and awake. Its used to getting instant responses from the device, so it will take longer for it to settle down and fall asleep!

I really hope this helped you, im pretty sure that thrre are more but I cant think of them rihht now and I really want to post this as im super behind!

Question of the day: how many hours of sleep do you normally get a night? Answer in the comments below!

Lots of love,
Young and Enquiring x


  1. Good tips! I often find it hard to fall asleep too, it takes forever for my brain to switch off - I just go to sleep early to make sure I get at least eight hours' sleep.
    IndigoSky x

    1. Thanks! Me too, I get exactly the same! Sometimes if I get back from dance late and have school the next morning, I find it hard to get anywhere near enough! I am just always so tired... x


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