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My Thoughts On The Manchester Attack

Heya guys.

Today's post is about a serious, sad topic that gets me so mad to the point of crying whenever I think about it. I'm sorry that it's not as upbeat as my usual posts, but I just had to let my feelings out about it, and what better place than on my blog?

May 22nd 2017. The day 22 people lost their lives to a suicide bomb in Manchester.

That is what that date will be remembered in history as.

And it makes me so angry! These innocent people, just going out to have fun at a concert - some were probably trying to escape the press of exams, some just having fun. They had no reason to worry about their safety. No reason to expect that that would be their last evening in the world. Because some stupid, selfish, HORRIBLE group thought that the best way of getting what they wanted was to murder people.

And the 59 injured. 59 people possibly never to walk again, or be able to use one or more limbs. Because one steupid, selfish group thought that the best way of getting what…

Piano Tutorials : The Hanging Tree

Hey guys!

So I was thinking about this blog, and since its supposed to be a lifestyle blog, I feel like I need more varied content. I already cover song lyrics, book reviews, random top 10s, fashion, hair and all that, but one of the other main things that I love to do is play piano.

Does anyone else ever get really annoyed by this? Often I really want to learn a new song or piece to play, but i've already tried to work it out myself and its just not right, and i've been searching on the internet for hours trying. to find the right notes! Well I want to stop this for other people - if this happens to you I will try my best to find the notes for you and put them on my blog! Please comment or contact me if you have a request.

So in the meantime, I will post the songs I already know in case you just want a song, any song, but you don't know what! I'll start off with The Hanging Tree (from The Hunger Games - I am OBSESSED with that series right now!!) but I'll probably…