My Thoughts On The Manchester Attack

Heya guys.

Today's post is about a serious, sad topic that gets me so mad to the point of crying whenever I think about it. I'm sorry that it's not as upbeat as my usual posts, but I just had to let my feelings out about it, and what better place than on my blog?

May 22nd 2017. The day 22 people lost their lives to a suicide bomb in Manchester.

That is what that date will be remembered in history as.

And it makes me so angry! These innocent people, just going out to have fun at a concert - some were probably trying to escape the press of exams, some just having fun. They had no reason to worry about their safety. No reason to expect that that would be their last evening in the world. Because some stupid, selfish, HORRIBLE group thought that the best way of getting what they wanted was to murder people.

And the 59 injured. 59 people possibly never to walk again, or be able to use one or more limbs. Because one steupid, selfish group thought that the best way of getting what they wanted was to hurt people.

And the families of the people affected. People have lost their brothers, sisters, parents, husbands, wives, the list could go on forever! Little children who will never see their moms again, but are too young to understand. Because one stupid, selfish group thought that the best way of getting what they wanted was to hurt people.

And the other people at the concert, including Ariana Grande. She is scared to tour! She feels like she can't go out in public because she will be attacked! Everyone who saw it happen will be scarred for life, probably having nightmares and reliving the experience in their minds everyday. They will never, ever forget this - it willl stick in their brains, torturing them until their last day living. Because one stupid, selfsish group thought the best way to get what they wanted was to torture people.

And the rest of the world. People are scared to leave their homes, scared to go to shopping malls and football matches, and enjoy themselves. They won't go to any busy places for fear of another attack. People are being kept from doing what they want to do, so that they won't be killed. Young kids are growing up in an unsafe, risky environment, and the only hing they will know of the outside world is fear. Because one stupid, selfish group thougt that the best way to get what they wanted is to scare people.

And that's not okay.

Finally, my prayers go out to everyone affected by this awful event. I pray for you to have peace in your minds and to know exactly how to cope in this situation, how to deal with it and how to mourn without getting possessive. I hope that your futures will be bright, and for you not to let this affect your daily routine too much, although in no way am I saying that it doesn't matter, they don't matter.
And I pray for the members of the group IS, to come to their senses and know that what they are doing is not okay. For them to stop this behaviour and to realise how awful this is, and how many people it is affecting.

To you, my readers, (if there are any...?) my best wishes go with you and I hope that your okay.

Lots of love,
Young and Enquiring x

UPDATE||Did any of you watch that one love, was it? It was beautiful!!


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