The Mess Of Our World At The Moment

Heya again.

I know this is the second serious post in a row, but I need, must say something about this issue. It has been bothering me for ages, and when would be a better time to post about it than now? I promise you guys that I will do something a bit more positive next time. Also I was thinking - maybe I should start doing slightly more personal posts too? Let me know in the comments if you'd like that!

Anyway. One of  the things that disgusts me the most in this world, (and yes there is A LOT) is that there are loads of people that have so much money that they're doing nothing with, and then on the other side of the world there are starving, dying people with no help at all. I find it awful when people clutching purses, or with a handbag over their shoulder, buying lots of expensive stuff, walk past a homeless person without giving them a second thought. Can you not spare one of your millions of pounds for a dying, lonely and starving person who has nothing? I heard a fact the other day - half of the world's money is owned by 8 PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. The other half is owned by every 7 billion other people. 8 SINGLE PEOPLE OWN THE EQUIVALENT MONEY TO 7 BILLION. THATS RIDICULOUS. Who could be so stupidly selfish?? This makes no sense to me! Yes, you may earn it, and yes you may deserve it, but it just isn't fair on the world!

First rant over.

The second one is that, in the current situation (terrorism threats) there are young kids growing up to know fear. That's what it is. They are growing up, spending their first years in the world having to avoid busy places and watch people get killed in the news on TV. I'm a teenager and this is probably affecting us as an age group massively too- lately I've had to refuse four invites to birthday meet ups in town, shopping centres or pther busy places due to my parents being worried for my safety. This shouldn't be happening! I should be going out at the weekend, having fun, enjoying myself and not having to suspect that every stranger I walk past is a bomber!

I could go on and on, but you're probably bored now so I'll stop. Sorry.

Anyway that's just a little insight into a couple of things that annoy me about the world at the moment. Maybe I'll do more posts like this... I definitely have a lot of things that annoy me!!

Question of the Day: What is your pet hate? Answer in the comments below!

Lots of love,
Young and Enquiring x


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